For lack of better words, we ARE family here at Cayla's Crystal Cave. When you visit, you will visit one of us. When you call, you will speak to one of us. When you cry, we cry. When you hurt, we hurt. When you laugh, we laugh with you. Get the picture?

Our commitment to you is that we are always able to provide you with our best. Remember, we are on this journey here together,

why not make it a great one while we're here.

Founded in 2012, Cayla's Crystal Cave  originated from a prior business venture called Nature's Beauty, Gems & Jewelry,

Nature's Beauty started out doing street fairs, County fairs, and other outdoor events, bringing our ever expanding knowledge of

the crystal world to the towns people in somewhat of a rural setting.

We eventually landed ourselves at The Englishtown Auction Sales in an attempt to broaden our horizons and attract a more committed and steady clientele. After about 18 months at the auction, we realized that we still weren't achieving the results that we had originally set out to accomplish. 

In August of 2015 we moved into our second location here in Parlin, NJ. It is here that we make our plans to grow together with our community, as humans, and Spirits in a human existence, and also to help others in our community find their own path.

Here at Cayla's Crystal Cave we are committed to helping those who grace our presence with theirs, just by walking through our doors, and helping them to find their spiritual fulfillment, inner-peace, or harmony. We aspire to give you the inspiration to follow your own path and to be your own person.

We are honored to serve you as our patrons.


Our life's journey began back in the mid to late 60's, but our journey didn't really get started until the birth of our beautiful daughter Cayla.

Cayla began her magic with us long before she was ever a twinkle in our eye. Problem was that we didn't listen or pay attention to the signs she was giving us. We were basically on a self destructive path that God only knows where it would have lead us had she not intervened. Although we weren't interested in having another child at this point in life, Cayla thought differently.

On September 30 2010, our little girl, whom we called our little angel, graced us with her presence. (Two months premature if I might add). This my friends is where OUR journey REALLY begins.

Despite all of her ailments, and the emotional pain and suffering she and the hospital put us through, we were always so hopeful and confident that she would lead a semi-normal existence. For the next four and a half months, we were honored and overjoyed at what this little girl has brought us.

She wasn't like the other children, she hardly ever cried or made a fuss. She was very complacent and joyfully amused herself as not to be a bother to others. Nurses continually commented that she was just a big ball of love, and that was one thing that she made sure she taught us.......the meaning of unconditional love.

Apparently her mission was completed because on February 17, 2011, after two and a half weeks of battling  with infections, she quietly slipped away. There was nothing that we could do to make her stay.

That would have been all too selfish of us to put our angel through more pain and suffering.

Although she was missed dearly and devastated our lives for the next few months, we managed to turn this negative into a positive.

What we hadn't realized was that during her entire stay here on earth as a human, she was making an extremely strong bond and spiritual connection so that she could lead us down this path that we now follow.

Although that she's not here physically with us, she is most certainly here spiritually. Cayla is our guiding light and she makes sure that we continue to follow our own paths to enlightenment.

Cayla was here to set us straight, and for that we are ever so grateful.

Cayla's Crystal Cave is ALL her! She gives us the signs, the ideas, the creativity. She nudges us in the right direction, that's if she doesn't outright tell us so. So the next time you visit Cayla's Crystal Cave, take notice of the way things are laid out, the sights, sounds and smells. This is ALL just the way she wants it.

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